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Are you a business founder?


Do you need a place to mentally recover, decompress from stress, get support with facing a big change, get help with reinvention, or help to redirect and refocus?


Come and stay with us and let our team of expert life, business, and niche coaches, take care of you and get you on the right track and moving forward. 

Our retreats and residential programmes are small-group and tailored to each client intake because everyone has a different reason for being here, and a different start point in addressing their challenges.


Here you'll be among peers where you can be at-ease and 'off-duty' whilst working on you-stuff (and / or as a resident, work on your business goals with our coaches).


Whatever career stage you're at, and whatever track you're on (or wanting to get off of), whatever's going on with you, we are here for you!


We are a TRIBE of business founders who built and brought this centre to life because we believe there needs to be a go-to place in the world, where founders can come to when we need peer support and / or and expert help from people who authentically understand the unique challenges of our founders' lifestyle. Join us!


Getting Back to You

A 4-week, YOU-focused retreat


If you need and want, or are adjusting to a serious life change, and are ready to prioritise that?

Move away from: tired, stuck, uncertain, unmotivated, directionless, 'the purpose void', mental or emotional suffering (and negatively impacting other people), shake off an identity, existential or confidence crisis.


Invest in: achieving quality sleep, alleviating stress and anxiety; in recovering your spirit, feelings of joy, your energy !


Reconnect with YOU - you're not only a business founder or CEO.


This retreat is focused on your REINVENTION! That means identifying YOUR purpose, revisiting values and beliefs, (re)building your confidence, setting your direction, setting goals, life-planning, feeling motivation, feeling positive and feeling confident about what's next! 

This retreat requires complete time out from work for the duration. 

Residents Programme

1 to 12 months of growth and improving balance


* Live/Work

* Burnout Recovery

* Purpose Identification & Reinvention

* Bespoke development plan

* A start-up (do it or don't do it - decide)

* Career review & life transition


This is the right option for you if you cannot be completely off work but need to focus on the growth and wellness of you, the growth and wellness of your business, or both; and can do that remotely. 

Members also wanting to take longer periods of time to focus on their personal growth and wellness with us, are 100% right for this too.


3 months is our recommended minimum timeframe to commit to being here for transformation, ideally 6 months of settled, focused time in this nurturing environment.

You will live and work on your growth in this wonderful low-key community, surrounded by nature and with your own tailored and bespoke development and wellness plan.


Tribal Gatherings & Adventure Networking

Discover new friends | Share Stories | Advance

These gatherings are half, full day weekend, or evening events hosted either at our centre or outside of it.

EVERY activity we do is focused on helping our tribe to make authentic friendships, learning or trying something new, nurturing personal growth, and supporting self-actualization. 

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