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4-Week Programme

What is the cost of not taking control? Is it time for you to sort out you? 

Personal Development | Burnout Recovery | Reinvention | Redirection

A big change (or lack of enough significant change) can really take it's toll on mental health, confidence, motivation, physical health and happiness. Both the person facing it, and those surrounding them suffer.
MOVE AWAY FROM Fearful, uncertain, lost, directionless, adrift, purposeless, feeling obsolete, or burned out.

MOVE TOWARD Rested, energised, focused, motivated, a sense of purpose, direction, fulfilment; a new chapter in your life or career that's going to make and keep life exciting.

This programme extracts you out of your normal environment, comfort zones, and routines so that you can really work on recovering yourself, checking in with your core needs, make decisions about what's next and moving forward.

You will experience an intense and varied mix of activities designed to help you recover from mental burnout, have some adventures, do some creativity, advance your personal development and feed your growth mindset.

You are going to leave having had a life changing experience, armed with renewed confidence, with a plan and goals for the future, and remain supported on your journey ahead through our aftercare.


Is this option right for me?


This programme could be right for you if you:

Can stop work entirely for the duration and submit to this process*.

Can come alone to focus on getting yourself sorted out*.


Need to make significant decisions about your next steps.

Want to move away from feeling exhausted, stuck or adrift.

Are lacking a sense of purpose and / or direction and need to find a new focus or position.

Are mentally burned out, your mental health is suffering, or you do not feel good about yourself or your current circumstances.

Are ready to invest in your personal development, try new things, let us help you. 


Need help to review, audit, check-in with, or refresh your goals or plans.


Are experiencing an erosion of your confidence, motivation, self-esteem.

Have recently made a role or company exit that's left you with an identity crisis!

Can commit to a structured, full programme*.

We wrote some blogs below containing key details and an example of what to expect on this programme, including the application process, onboarding, pricing, feature examples and FAQs. You can also write to us any time through the chat or book a 30 minute Q&A with one of our team.

*If these are not possible for you, then you may prefer to consider the 6-Month Residential Programme.

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