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Intensive Programme - Outline Example

As a business founder needing to invest some quality time into burnout recovery, identifying your purpose and direction going forward, or reinvention, we at Paragon Tribe offer both an intensive programme and a flexible programme option.

Here you can find an example of the types of activities that could appear on a programme with us. Each member has their own bespoke schedule of activities tailored to help them address their core needs and goals whilst on their residential stay with us. Some clients need to focus on burnout, some not, some a combination of factors. That's all okay and that's what we are here to help you with.

If you have already read the article Intensive Programme - Key Details then you will know that we have an application process that involves a Q&A session, possibly two sessions, so that we can cover many aspects including what's happening with you, your objectives, budget, expectations and other aspects; and that we then go away and both tailor your experience and pick a support team specific to your needs.

So, although we tailor every retreat to the specific client, it is helpful to be able to gauge what could be involved - the type of overall experience and more common aspects that we may typically work with enables:

1) You to focus on your objective of being here and for us to support your progress with your personal growth,

2) You to have a good life balance whilst here and hopefully form some new habits that are good or nurturing for you,

3) You to have a well-rounded experience, including getting a flavour of Guatemalan culture

4) You to have an adventure and feel safe and taken care of while that happens.

To an example then!

Whether your primary focus is reinvention, burnout recovery or a combination, a programme could include:

You Time - uninfluenced, off radar, responsibility free (except finishing this programme!)

28 Day Structured Residential Programme

Full board

Private Ensuite Accommodation (A small house or apartment)

Being in nature surrounded by greenery & stunning views

Personal development focus

A unique opportunity for personal growth

Plenty of rest, reflection & down-time included