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What Are The Top 10 Adventures in Guatemala (according to the Paragon Tribe)?

Bearing in mind that our centre focuses on business founders with growth mindsets, these are our tribe's top picks for you if you value a combination of adventure, exploring, personal development and trying out new things.

All equally excellent adventures, some are possible to arrange alone and some are impossible to undertake as a tourist in Guatemala. These are the top experiences we have undertaken with the Paragon Tribe in Guatemala (and fully thrived as a result of).

There's nothing like a new challenge to kick out the mental and physical cobwebs and boost one's confidence and self-esteem!

Our Ultimate Adventure List:

  1. Sailing in the Rio Dulce (and out to Belize and the Bay Islands of Honduras for scuba diving and wonderful island adventures, if you've got friends with boats).

  2. Adventure trekking into the jungle to explore the pre-Columbian site under excavation, El Mirador. Go with members of the local community cooperative at Carmelita. This adventure is 5 or 6 days of trekking and camping in the jungle among the coatimundi, bromeliads, snakes and spiders. Expect basic food, cold wash downs, and mud. You can take mules which you can hop on and off of if you want a varied experience (we recommend this option) - being up off of the ground and down at ground level both feel very different in that environment, and it's surprising how much you see when you're not staring 100% at the jungle trail in front of your feet!

  3. By helicopter, circling the active volcano, Volcán de Fuego (also visible directly across from your private accommodation at our centre), and then going on to explore the rich cultural history at the the pre-Columbian archaeological site of Iximché. A small museum and a significant lack of tourists due to the uncomfortable lack of road access makes this a gem!

  4. Kayaking around Lake Atitlan (several days) and learning about the diversity of the area from tribal conflicts to marvelous textiles to some of the best coffee in the world!

  5. Mountain biking around Tecpán (the Alps of Guatemala) snacking on artisan cheeses and smoked meats. We fully recommend the recently opened MTB Guatemala Base Camp run by a young North American founder, Brendan, THE EXPERT on trails and MTB trips around Guatemala. He's also training up as many local guides as possible so he gets our support