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What To Wear & Pack - Guatemala.

What to wear?! What to pack?! What to leave behind?!!!

Hands up who finds thinking about packing an anxiety-driving TORTURE! Have we not all just got better things to do with our time than think about packing; like, ANYTHING?!

Well, in the name of saving you time, reducing stress, and maintaining a degree of sanity, as a team here at Paragon Tribe, we have thought about, and written down our ideas on what entails an ideal packing list for a once month (or longer), residential stay with us in Guatemala. We have also added links to some examples of items we suggest which we hope will be of help.

Whilst our Paragon Tribe consists business founders from all over the world, this list could be used by literally anyone coming on a trip to Guatemala. If you are coming to us on a Live/Work residential programme and bringing a life partner, this will also help them to prepare.


We've also thought about cultural pointers that might be handy given that Guatemala is a respectable place, has a large and varied culture and a conservative religious societal base. We don't want our guests to be that shoe-free, unwashed, unkempt and inappropriately dressed tourist inadvertently insulting people! In the name of nailing down decency, and being a person that wants to show respect to the people of the country they are visiting, read on!

Good to know: Guatemala has better shopping malls, like the Oakland Mall, than much of the USA or the UK. We also stock some essentials in our shop, and you can find most things locally. So, rest assured that if anything is forgotten or gets lost in transit or is found needed on arrival, a form of everything we suggest can be found here. No hay problema!

We've also put other notes on technology, SIM cards, money and insurance at the very end that should help you out.


First of all, the general wardrobe code to follow for an experience with us is a fusion of casual and adventure - leave formal attire and fashion pieces behind. If we were going to be spending time in Guatemala City, we would be recommending a more formal, smart-casual wardrobe. Keyword wardrobe style: Adventurewear.

We are in the countryside mountains of relaxed Antigua Guatemala, with activities and adventures to embark upon! Thus, comfort and flexibility are the essential packing considerations.

IF you are going to be working whilst staying with us and need to bring a work shirt or two for Zoom calls or similar, by all means do so. Otherwise, leave anything related to work and the office behind.

Second of all, we are in a mountainside slightly off-road location - bring your worldly goods in a backpack and / or soft bags - anything with wheels is unwise and not useful once here (a backpack can be repacked for adventures!). Leave heels and any formal hard-soled shoes behind (except perhaps one pair for salsa dancing!).

Thirdly, pack for ONE week - we have laundry service! So keep it light and simple with essentials only - don't go bonkers!